Ashling Park Still Rosé

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Our Still Rose is pretty in pink. It’s a delicious palate of full-bodied balanced acidity, red apple and thyme is followed by an attractive glazed cherry-plum finish

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Pour a healthy measure of our Ashling Park Still Rosé into a large wine glass and marvel at its baby pinkness. Swirl it around like Master Sommelier and breathe in the lively raspberry and thyme notes complemented by zesty pink grapefruit. Take a sip and enjoy its delicate and lacey structure that ends with a dark cherry finish. Seriously sociable when shared with friends on a balmy summer’s evening, or a treat for one when snuggled down by the fire mid-winter. In fact, make it your new best friend and serve it whenever and wherever you fancy. It will never let you down.

1 review for Ashling Park Still Rosé

  1. [email protected]

    Absolutely delicious rose. Highly recommend!

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