Meet Gail Gardner, the beating heart of Ashling Park and the person who keeps us all on track.

You can find Gail in almost every corner of this wonderful estate, from picking the grapes to packing orders, leading tours to holding businesses meetings. Gail sowed the seeds for Ashling Park, both figuratively and literally and now she is as much part of the estate as the grapes.

After a life changing accident as a very small child it was touch and go if Gail would walk again, or even make the night. The good news here is the doctors were wrong, and since then Gail’s parents have always instilled in her that there is nothing she can’t do.

The Ashling Park dream has proved to be the same endeavour for Gail, always encouraged by her family, with the element of aiming for the stars and told to follow her dream.

Hard work is an understatement when describing Gail’s work ethic. She shuts her laptop in the evenings just before she shut her eyes, and does the opposite in the morning, but she loves every minute of it.

Gail got her start working in the family business, each department had entire teams manning them from purchasing, credit control, sales, HR, I.T and accounts. However, at Ashling Park she quickly found herself taking on all these roles all at once.

This gave Gail a full understanding of every element of Ashling Park. The Marketing side was the easiest for Gail, having a Masters in Marketing and 20 years experience, but the other roles did involve some head scratching, especially the export side.

“Now thankfully, I have a great team behind me to help in all those areas, and my good old Dad has been a great sounding board, although we don’t always agree.”

The development at Ashling Park estate has been a painstaking experience. Situated in the South Downs National Park, there were many restrictions, surveys and reports and that’s not even accounting for COVID-19!

Gail is adamant that ‘these things are sent to try us’, and after the four year wait, there are now lodges and tasting rooms taking shape and looking fabulous.

It is going to be a wine retreat plucked from your dreams, the PLACE to be.

Like Willy Wonka’s gates, Gail just can’t wait to fling them open to show you all this wondrous place, till then…

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